About Us

We have worked on many different types of vehicle, two, three and four wheeled, even tracked, and have a good working knowledge of all vehicles systems. We have performed most if not all vehicle testing requirements on M1 vehicles over many years, such as full scale impacts, defrost and demist, interior impacts, brakes, roof crush, bumpers, lighting and EMC etc. We have obtained EWVTA on approx twenty vehicles since 1996. We are highly capable of discussing new designs and proposals with stylists and chief engineers. We have experience of providing project planning and cost estimates, conformity of production, quality inspections, parts release via PPDM, discussions with vehicle importers and governments. Investigations of new markets and required regulations, as well as investigating future legislation. Familiar with the US, Canadian, EU, China and many other market requirements.

From 1970 to 2011 Kenneth worked for Lotus Engineering on worldwide vehicle certification for Lotus current and new vehicles. Supporting meetings at the SMMT and ESCA. Performing legislation research into new markets. EU Certification of Evora automatic version. Provision of certification plans and costs. Provision of future legislation requirements to both Lotus Engineering and Lotus Cars and some external clients.

We have worked in the following countries: France, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Egypt, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Singapore, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, North America and Canada.

Recent training courses we've been on are:

  • 2010 UK Employment law update for managers
  • 2010 US Product Liability Law Seminar
  • 2009 EU CO2 Exhaust emissions reduction, Belgium
  • 2009 Vehicle component export/import seminar and presentation, Cairo, Egypt
  • 2006 Effective Health & Safety Management in the workplace
    Drug and alcohol abuse by staff
    Identifying stress in the workplace
    Fire extinguishers and operation
  • 1997 US Product Liability & Preventive Law Seminar
    Report writing and presentation
  • 1995 Automotive Electro Magnetic
    Compatibility (EMC) approvals course