European UnionEuropean Union Markets

Have significant experience working with both EC and UNECE requirements during regulatory development in various committees and working groups both in the UK and Brussels. and also during the vehicle design and validation phases of many vehicle projects.

Services that could be provided subject to project type:

  • Construction of EC or UN ECE application documents.
  • Regulatory advice to vehicle designers and engineers.
  • Review of styling models.
  • Regulatory review of early prototypes for either EU small series or unlimited porduction.
  • Vehicle inspections for regulatory compliance and follow up report for many markets.
  • Arrangement of vehicle or component testing at various facilities worldwide.
  • Supporting meetings with regulatory agencies.
  • Advice on project planning, and test facility selection.
  • Advice on vehicle test plans, staff levels and number of prototypes and test components required.
  • Assistance with RRR database, and documents from suppliers.
  • Advice and vehicle inspections for UK IVA scheme.








UNECE R10.05 Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing